Growing up in the small town of Sewickley — just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. — I dreamed about having passport (and the stamps in it from world travels) one day. Although we were a rather non-traveling family, I’d always been excited by the idea of new places and loved learning about new cultures. As a college student, I finally got that much-desired passport, when I was lucky enough to spend a semester studying in Italy.

Now, that same curiousness has lead me to Budapest, Hungary, where I will spend a year teaching English as a Second Language and American Literature and Culture as a English Teaching Assistant through the Fulbright Scholar Program. I’ll be teaching at a university, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, which is located in the lovely village of Piliscsaba-Klotildliget, just outside of Budapest. I’ll also be assisting students applying to study at American universities at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center in Budapest. And, of course, I’ll be exploring the beautiful, historic city that Budapest is, as well as enjoying my first-ever trip to the Eastern European region … and attempting to learn some Hungarian along the way.

Before Budapest, I was studying for my M.A. in English at Georgetown University, where I focused on the teaching of writing and working-class writing/class studies. While in graduate school, I worked as a graduate assistant at The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship — a great office that has improved and inspired how I think about teaching — as a writing tutor in the university’s Writing Center, and as an adjunct instructor of developmental English and college composition at Lord Fairfax Community College. Prior to my ivory-tower jaunt, I worked as journalist for Dow Jones Newswires, in Washington, D.C. (where my main goal was avoiding misplacing decimals while churning out stories on stock) and at The Beaver County Times (where I covered, among other topics, a new roller derby team, the ever-exciting police-and-fire blotter and a tractor parade). I also hold an undergraduate degree in English from Georgetown University. When I return from my time in Budapest, I will continue my work as a community college teacher at Northern Virginia Community College – Loudoun Campus, where I will likely teach both English and journalism courses.


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Robyn, glad to hear you made it with all of you luggage. I enjoyed reading your letter and also the above blog. Take care and when is your Birthday. Happy to hear you were able to have a beer ( girl after my own heart)

  2. robulous,

    but…i have your luggage tags and you’re already there!? AND your luggage made it? huh. i’ll send with the gorky…

  3. KFR Says:

    Hey Robyn,
    Glad you –and your luggage– made it and you are not dying or thirst or hunger yet! Are you hitting that sour cream? Finding internet cafes? listening to techno?
    Keep us posted… KFR

  4. Prof. Russo,

    I had heard rumors of your assignment in Hungary from another student at LFCC, but had never taken the time to find this blog (until now). I am personally proud to have had you as an instructor this past summer 2008, and I hope all is currently going well for you. If you could, at your leisure, contact me via email – – I would greatly appreciate it, as I have a sincere/brief request to make.



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